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in Noto-are Computer engineering. Computer hardware, July 20, 2014. (19205225)
Mobile cloud computing platforms represent a more secure way for provisioning applications and online services to users over mobile networks. Mobile cloud provisioning takes advantage of the inherent benefits of cloud computing for monitoring, security detection and malware prevention capabilities to protect its mobile users. Security and privacy preservation in is the main expectation of the cloud users in Mobile based cloud servicing. In this project, cloud based secure mobile health care model with feedback decision support is proposed. This mainly aims to improve the quality of the health care with reduced complexity and no compromise in security. This paper also mentions the difficulty imposed on client privacy and monitoring the service provider. To protect the client privacy, Boneh-Franklin Identity based encryption is proposed to reduce the decryption complexity due to the use of IBE (Identity based encryption) technique. To protect mobile Health (m-Health) service providers programs, the branching tree is expanded by random permutation and the decision thresholds used at the decision branching nodes are also randomized. It adopts the recently proposed decryption outsourcing to reduce the workload of both the company and clients by outsourcing the majority of computational task to cloud. The private proxy re-encryption technique takes care of the privacy of the clients and vulnerability of data is prevented. The main objective of the proposed architecture is preserving the privacy of the information ensuring that this information cannot be misused. In this paper we have proposed secure cloud architecture to address the user privacy problem in a cloud. By using OTP and WTP in cloud computing system, our proposed architecture achieves better goal of preserving the privacy of a user.
Topography of cloud management system