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by MEENALOCHINI J, Dr.C.Florence Annal Annal
in Noto-are Geography. Anthropology. Recreation, November 8, 2017. (15135108)
The main aim of the study is to evaluate ground water quality suitable for irrigation purpose in Dindigul Corporation, Tamil Nadu, India. In the study area 30 water samples were collected to determine the physical parameters and chemical parameters. Sodium Adsorption Ratio(SAR), Sodium percentage(SP), Potential Salinity(PS), Residual Sodium Carbonate(RSC), Kellys Ratio and Soluble Sodium Percent (SSP)have been determined for analyse the irrigation water quality. From the analysis result reveals that SAR value indicate 84% of excellent13% of good and 3% of unsuitable water category. Based on sodium percent 10% are good, 50% are permissible and 40% are unsuitable for irrigation. Based on PS and RSC ratio about 97% comes under unsuitable water and 3% are suitable water for irrigation. Kellys Ratio and SSP valuesindicate 27% of good quality and 73% are unsuitable irrigation water. The high concentration of salinity found in western part of the study area. The result shows that most of the samples are unfit for irrigation.
Samples Location Area
Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR)
Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR)
Electric conductivity
U.S.S.L classification for irrigation water
Sodium Percentage (SP)
Kellys Ratio
Soluble Sodium Percent (SSP)