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by Bhoj Singh
in Noto-are Science, March 1, 2017. (12435147)
Though cow is a sacred animal in India, is dying an unnatural death in India. The quest is who is responsible for the unnatural death of cow progeny in India, dairying practices, veterinary services, vaccination with substandard vaccines, veterinary administration involved in vaccine and drug quality monitoring or anyone else. Diseases including foot and mouth disease (FMD), hemorrhagic septicemia (HS), black leg/ black quarter (BQ), anthrax and John's disease (JD) are the common killers prevailing since ages in India despite the availability of vaccines and other measures to control and stamp out these.
Fig. 1. Human versus cattle population in India over the years of growth
Fig. 2. Trends in outbreaks of preventable diseases of bovines in India (18,19)
Table. 1. Infectious diseases causing cattle mortality in India
Fig. 3. FMD outbreaks in India indicating in-coordination among different agencies(18,19)